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Position - Center Ortisei

Garni Rives Lage


Garni Rives
Palmerstr. 5
39046 Ortisei in Val Gardena, Italy
Phone.: (+39) 0471 796 263

Val Gardena - Ghërdeina

Val Gardena - Alpe di Siusi

Val Gardena is a picturesque valley backed by the soaring Dolomites, peaks so attractive that they were once described by the French architect Le Corbusier as "the most beautiful construction in the world". (Guardian)

Val Gardena lies in the heart of the breath-taking Dolomites, which obtained the prestigious recognition from UNESCO in 2009 for being a Natural World Heritage Site. These charming mountains have been praised by many geologists and writers and also Luis Trenker, actor and movie director, who was born in Ortisei, documented his passion for the Dolomites in numerous world known books and films. Ortisei, St. Cristina and Selva Gardena are the three villages of Val Gardena, which extends along 8 km and offer a rich diversity in arts, culture and nature. The oldest chronicle of inhabitants in “Gherdeina” goes back to year 1000 AD. During this long time period a particular culture and language emerged in the area, which has been conserved ever since. The language is called Ladin, it has Raetic and Roman roots and is still spoken in the four Ladin villages around the Dolomites.